If you’re a fan of Travis Herberger’s previous series of urban paintings, you are going to love this one as well. His previous series had a certain charm about its simplicity and vibrancy. He touched on the gritty realities of cities in the midst of rapid changes, from gentrification to high-rise construction.

The new series appears to be even grittier and more real. These new urban paintings by Travis Herberger depict the raw side of life in cities all over the world. These street-level photos depict people living their day-to-day lives under one roof or another. You will see people interacting with each other, selling fruits and vegetables, playing music and dancing, and much more. Scroll down if you want to know more about what inspired these works and how they were created!

Meet the artist: Travis Herberger

Herberger currently lives in Longview, Texas. He is a professional artist, mainly known for his urban paintings. He also has a profile on Muckrack where he publishes his works. He graduated with a degree in Fine Arts from the University of Texas at Tyler Longview University Center, and has exhibited across the United States and Asia. In his blog, Herberger mentions that one of the main inspirations behind his paintings is the growth of cities in the United States. He believes that cities are an important part of our culture because they are the main hubs for artistic expression.

What’s next for Urban Paintings?

Herberger is currently working on a new series of urban paintings. The images in this series are going to be even more realistic and raw than the previous ones. Herberger wants to portray the raw realities of life in cities in a way that is not commonly shown in art.


Art for social change

Who doesn’t want to see the world become a better place? The new series of urban paintings by Travis Herberger aims to inspire viewers to think about our cities in a new and different light. They hope to spark conversations about how our cities can be transformed for the better. By capturing these urban scenes in a raw and authentic way, Travis Herberger is inspiring social change. As cities around the world continue to grow rapidly, there are many issues that affect residents in each city. These issues vary from country to country, but they are certain to be present in many cities. These issues include high rates of crime, unemployment, pollution, and unaffordable housing. By exploring these issues and portraying them in a realistic light, Herberger’s new series is encouraging civic engagement.

Where to see these paintings?

Herberger is currently exhibiting his works at the Longview Museum of Fine Arts in Texas. If you are in Longview, you should definitely check them out!

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