Painter Travis Herberger is a master at creating mood and atmosphere in his paintings. From his cozy, warm studio in Longview, Texas, he paints everything from the bright, energetic streets of New York City to the calm, serene beauty of his California. Herberger’s signature style is based on exploring rich colors and textures while simultaneously distilling them down to their essence. With over a decade of experience, painter Travis Herberger has developed an eye for capturing natural lighting, textures and details that create an atmosphere.

In this article, we will explore how Travis Herberger creates his cityscapes and we will take a look at his unique style.

How Painter Travis Herberger Creates His Cityscapes – A Look at his Process

Skilled painter Travis Herberger has created some of the most iconic art in modern history. From his iconic paintings of the Los Angeles’ Harbor and City, to the awe-inspiring tributes to his hometown that grace the walls of the United States Capitol, Herberger’s work has had an impact on how people think and experience their cities. While a great number of his works are painted in oil on canvas, he is known for his use of light and color in his paintings. In order to create his cityscapes, Herberger uses a variety of techniques. He may begin with an idea in mind, such as the Harbor of Los Angeles or the cityscapes of New York or Philadelphia. Once he has an idea of what he wants to paint, he goes to work, using his studio in Los Angeles as his canvas. There, he creates a number of paintings based on the light and color that are available in the studio.

How He Creates: Paint with Light and Color

The light and color that Herberger uses to create his art come from a variety of sources, including light fixtures, candles, daylight, and a variety of other sources. The most important source of light for Herberger is the light itself. Using that light as the main source of illumination, Herberger looks to nature for other inspiration, including the lights of the day, the rain, and the stars. In order to distinguish one painting from another, Herberger may uses different colors to create a range of effects, including laying down light areas in different colors to create a warm, lighted effect, using bright colors to create a more immediate, bold effect, and using dark colors to create a more contemplative, neo-classical feel.

What Inspires Him When Creating

While Herberger’s work often features bright colors and creative flourishes, the inspiration behind his paintings can be found in the mundane. Herberger’s work often evokes moments of calm, reflection, and nostalgia.

When he is not working, you can find Herberger exploring the streets of his city, or traveling to discover new places.

Moreover, the studio environment is an important part of Herberger’s creative process. His studio has big windows with a view of the main street in Longview, Texas. From here, he constantly watches how the city lives and depicts that on his canvas.

Final Words

“My cityscapes are inspired by my love of color and light,” Herberger said in one of his events as an art speaker. “I try to use only the most vibrant colors and interesting light fixtures to create a warm, inspiring atmosphere.”

That said, while his style is unique and inspiring, painter Travis Herberger is not an overnight artist.

“The way I see it is that every great artist starts with a few minor works, and then moves on to great things,” he said. “I try to do the same thing. The best way to do this is to put down some roots,” Herberger added.

“When you’re living in a city, you have permanent source of color and light. You can’t possibly travel enough or explore enough to be creative. You need to find a home.”

That said, as with many things, it’s not just about where you’re staying. “The true test of a cityscape is how it feels to walk around in it. Is it peaceful? Is it beautiful? If you love it, it will feel like home to you.”

Travis Herberger always looks for a cityscape that is both unique and inspiring.

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