The urban painter Travis Herberger was born in Longview, Texas, and represents his culture through his work. He draws inspiration from the Gulf Coast of Texas for his watercolors. In addition, he enjoys painting busy urban settings since he is able to use a wide variety of colors. Watercolor painting is Travis Herberger’s primary interest, and he has traveled around the world quite a bit. His paintings have appeared on fine art show posters, marketing materials, magazine covers, and apparel in recent years.

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Why is Travis Herberger’s artwork so popular?

As the world grows more aware of environmental issues, the desire to connect with nature is increasing. Many artists have responded to this desire, creating beautiful artwork that brings people together with nature. Herberger’s artwork conveys the beauty of the natural world in a casual and accessible way. His paintings provide a soothing and calming presence that can improve quality of life.


His Work Habits and Techniques

Herberger has said that he prefers to use watercolors, but he also enjoys acrylics and oils. He begins most of his paintings with a pencil sketch. He then studies photos of scenes and locations he wants to paint. He marks their colors on the sketch with a pencil. He finishes the painting by using watercolor medium on a large sheet of paper. He arranges the colors in a way that best conveys his ideas. He also uses a palette knife to create patterns. He says he likes to combine watercolor with other mediums in unique ways. More about his artworks you can learn in his publications.


The Colors Used in Herberger’s Paintings

Herberger paints with a variety of colors. He often uses blues and greens, with orange, red, and purple as accents. Sometimes he will use browns and oranges to create warm colors, and other times he will employ cool colors to create a more dramatic effect. He also likes to incorporate black, white, and grey as accents. His subjects also vary in color. He paints many landscapes, but he also paints human subjects in everyday settings.


Where does Herberger’s Inspiration Come From?

Herberger’s inspiration comes from many places. He loves nature, and he has said that it is where he gets most of his ideas. This includes landscapes, trees, beaches and rivers. He also enjoys looking at photos of city scenes, which he uses as a reference when painting urban landscapes. His experience as a child living near the Gulf of Mexico has also had a profound impact on his work. He says he wants his paintings to convey the “peaceful beauty of the ocean and the great watercolor possibilities it offers.”



Herberger’s artwork is peaceful and calming, and it can improve quality of life for those who view it. His artwork communicates the beauty of nature and urban settings in a simple and accessible way. Herberger’s paintings are popular, and they come with a wide array of benefits. His paintings can improve quality of life, reduce stress and promote better health. They are also therapeutic and relaxing, making them a great choice for stress relief and relaxation. You can see the artworks of this artist in his online portfolio.

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